About Me

Simply Put, I am a student and programmer. I am attending San Diego State University, planning to graduate in 2018 with my BS in Computer Science. I am also minoring in Interdisciplinary Studies at the Weber Honors College at SDSU.

I graduated Ramona High School in 2015, ranked 14th in my class of 393 with an overall GPA of 4.33.

I currently work as a Student Assistant at Instructional Technology ServicesSan Diego State University, working as a Full Stack Developer. I get to develop faculty Support tools that facilitate Faculty Support and improve our day to day operations. Check out my work on our Organizational GitHub Account.

I also work together with Residential Education at San Diego State University in the First-Year residence halls as an Academic Mentor. As an Academic Mentor, commonly abbreviated AM, I live together with ~35 students and provide academic guidance and support to the students in the various Residential Learning Communities.

In my free time, I build and Fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and play with various embedded systems, including the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, and Arduino. I have spoken about several of these topics at Code Camps in the Southern California Area – which you can see in the Talks Section.

I am experienced with Java and Python, and have some experience with C; you can see all of my open-source projects on GitHub and Bitbucket.